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Floatback Lures have developed a crankbait using transformational and disruptive technology where the hooks are not permanently fastened to the lure, but to the line, therefore enabling the crankbait to eject from the hooked object and float back up to the surface for retrieval..

Saves you money - If you get snagged on underwater timber with a conventional crankbait, you have to spend valuable fishing time trying to get it loose and most of the time that doesn't happen, leading to a lot of time wasted and an expensive lure lost. With a Floatback, the lure ejects from the snagged hooks and floats back to the surface for retrieval, all you lose are the two hooks and the retention bead.

Double hook-ups - When you strike, the floatback is ejected away from both hooks which then invariably leads to a double hook-up thereby doubling your chance of landing the fish.

No throw off's - Because the lure ejects clear of the fish and only the hooks are connected, there is no lure weight to create leverage to cause a throw off.

Great Action, Great Benefits, Simple to use!
Increase your CATCHES!